Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Utica’s Alorica Battles Bed Bugs

The workplace is supposed to be a place that is conducive for learning, comfortable, safe, and clean. But this may seem impossible to achieve given that bed bugs infestation can happen everywhere. Although some people that bed bugs size is to be considered- that smaller bed bugs are okay, but this just won’t do. Regardless of how big or small it is, bed bugs can bring damage. In Utica, a local center has been fighting bed bugs. It was discovered by an employee and was brought to the attention of the management. To solve the problem, professional bed bugs exterminators have been of great help. Click here to read the whole news. UTICA — A local call center has been fighting bed bugs in its Utica office recently. An employee at Alorica brought the problem to management’s attention, which started a process of exterminating the pests, the company said in a statement this week. “The process of exterminating the bed bugs included a visit from a local pest control company to both inspect the property and clean the work stations where the bed bugs were located,” Alorica said in a statement. “The employees of those specific workstations were sent home with pay and their homes were also inspected and cleaned by the pest control company as well.” Alorica is a customer service outsourcing company that handles business for the Bank of America call center at 5701 Horatio St. in Utica. In order to fix the problem, Alorica said the pest control company did a handful of different treatments. “Bed bug treatments including K-9 inspection, steam cleaning and chemical treatment took place twice already with follow ups scheduled to confirm eradication,” the statement said.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Woman Says She Found Bed Bugs at Near West Side Service Agency

What would you feel when everything seems find and all of a sudden you bed bugs popping out of nowhere? It’s definitely something that is not pleasant to the eyes. Indeed, bed bugs infestation can happen anywhere, even in places that we think is clean enough. This is why bed bugs exterminators are needed to make sure that they don’t trouble anyone. In Near West Side, a Chicago woman claimed that she found bed bugs at a social service agency. Although she would rather not be named, she said saw a bug infestation on the sofa. Read on the article to know more about the news. Click here. CHICAGO — A Chicago woman said she found bed bugs Monday at a social service agency on the Near West Side. The woman, who asked not to be named, said she was at Illinois Action for Children, 1340 S. Damen Ave., about 9 a.m. Monday when she noticed a bug infestation on a sofa. In a Facebook Live video, a security guard uses a paper towel to kill an insect. Couches have signs instructing visitors not to sit down. Though no one at the agency would confirm that the insects were bed bugs, the woman said there's no question in her mind. "That's not something you see every day," she said. "That place should have been closed down."

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Residences Near Ryerson Prepare for Possible Bed Bugs

Before you know it, you have already been infested with bed bugs. This is definitely something undesirable. Good thing is, when it comes to bed bugs we can do something about them. There are ways to get rid of them that you can do at home. If not, or if it does not solve the problem, then you can call professional bed bugs exterminators to do the job. Just like what the residences near Ryerson, after bed bugs have been found in the Victoria Building, people started taking precautions. Residents were also alerted of the presence of bed bugs and thus preventive measures were put in place. Click here for more information. On March 12, The Eyeopener found bed bugs in the Victoria Building and now, nearby residences are taking precautions. Last week, the privately-owned Parkside Student Residence sent out an email to residents alerting them to the presence of bed bugs on Ryerson’s campus and notifying them of information on bed-bug identification and prevention. According to Melinda Farmer, the regional vice president of the Canadian Campus Communities, Parkside has quarterly checks throughout the year. Parkside is located near Ryerson at 111 Carlton St. Farmer confirmed the residence has protocols in place to ensure if a pest outbreak occurs, they can immediately respond to the situation using the building’s control company. She declined to give details about the building’s specific protocols.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bed Bugs Discovery Causing Stress and Lack of Class Attendance

If you think that bed bugs infestation can only cause destruction to property, think again. They maybe tiny but the damage they can bring can be massive up to the point of affecting our health. In fact, bed bugs have been found to cause stress which may lead people such as students to be absent from their classes. In Victoria Building, bed bugs are doing more than just biting. They are greatly affecting the focus of the students to study. This is because bed bugs have been found in the classrooms. In this case, killing them with the help of professional exterminators and preventing them from coming back is the best measure to be administered. Click here for more information. The bed bugs in the Victoria Building are doing more than just biting—they’re affecting students’ focus. Following The Eyeopener’s reports regarding bed bugs in classrooms last week, lectures in VIC205 and 203 were moved to conference rooms in the Bond Place Hotel and Holiday Inn. Students whose classes were in other parts of VIC were expected to continue to attend, as they were unaffected by the investigation. In a statement to The Eye, Ryerson president Mohamed Lachemi said the first, second and third floor of the Victoria Building have been treated with steam to kill bugs and the university has ordered new furniture to replace the pieces riddled with insects. An infested desk in VIC205 has been removed and the room is once again open for classes. But in spite of the university’s assurance that dogs trained to sniff out bed bugs inspected the Victoria Building, many students still feel uneasy about attending classes in VIC, and some have decided not return to at all. “It honestly makes me feel very uncomfortable and very paranoid,” said Antonia Heer, a third-year transfer student, who is currently pursuing a degree in sociology. She has a class and a lab in VIC. “I really feel like [the situation] does affect my grades,” she added.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

How Smart Technology can Help Hotels Ward Off Bed Bugs

One of the most common places where we often hear complaints about bed bugs infestation would be in hotels. In fact, there have been so many cases where guests expressed their dismay and being dissatisfied due to poor handling of bed bug problems inn hotels. But the help of the new technology in today’s time, it’s great know that aside from professional bed bugs exterminators, there is now a technology that detects and keep hotels free from bed bugs. Check out the article below to know more about this latest innovation. Read the full article here. Hotels are putting money toward technology upgrades such as keyless entry and smart thermostats to give guests a better in-room experience. But there’s another – albeit less glamorous – application for tech in guest rooms that hotels might want to consider: bed bug detection. Helsinki, Finland-based Valpas has developed a technology to keep hotels free from bed bugs. The product, which the company says is the first and only automated bed bug safety system, attaches to the legs of hotel beds to capture lingering bugs in the area. If any are caught, the "smart" legs alert staff members to contain the issue before pests are spread. Valpas co-founder and CEO Martim Gois says the company, which started about five years ago as a bed bug heat treatment service, saw a need for a solution that keeps guests safe and is also scalable. “On the one hand, bed bugs are spreading all over the world, so anxiety is rising,” he says. “On the other hand, [hotels] can’t do anything about the rising problem. There’s no effective means to keep guests safe.”

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Travel is one of the things that most of is, if not all, looks forward to. It’s the time when we relax and recharge ourselves after all the stress at work. And for sure, we all want it to be the best and perfect as much as possible. But when you get bothered by something unexpected, for sure, your trip will be ruined. How about bed bugs? When travelling, bed bugs is definitely not welcome. But they can be everywhere, anytime. This is why it’s important to know the things you need to do before, during, and even after travelling. You can ask the experts in bed bugs extermination or you can read the article below to know how to avoid bed bugs while travelling. Click here. With spring break on the horizon and summertime not too far behind, Oklahomans may be planning pause their hectic schedules to do some traveling. If that is the case, families should remember bed bugs like to getaway, too, and they are not shy about catching a ride, including on clothing, luggage and even commercial airliners. Taking a few simple precautions can help travelers reduce their chances of picking up this annoying pest. For instance, families should leave their luggage in the bathtub or on the counter or another hard surface and carefully inspect the motel or hotel room for signs of the pests before settling in. Since bed bugs are most active at night, they're most likely to be found in places where people are at night, that is, the bed. As part of the inspection, pull back the pillows, blankets and linens at the top of the bed to search for signs of a bed bug infestation such as eggs, bugs, blood and black fecal spots. While the linens are pulled back, travelers should check the seams, tufts and crevices at the top of the mattress, as well as inspect the headboard and nightstand. It's also a good idea to take a quick look in the dresser, in case any bed bugs hitched a ride on clothing. Also, before you use the luggage rack, be sure to look under the straps. Any signs of an infestation should be reported to the hotel staff. Only move your luggage into the room when you're confident there are no bed bugs present. During your stay, store your luggage on the inspected luggage rack or on a hard surface, such as a desk or dresser.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bedbugs discovered in Woonsocket Fire Station

Just when you thought that you can’t find bed bugs in your place, there they are. This is because bed bugs are everywhere, thus the need to make sure that all corners of every place are checked and cleaned. When it comes to bed bugs, they can lurk everywhere- from rooms, beds, cabinets, even books. And this goes to say that everyone can be a victim? Just like in the article, we know that firefighters are facing challenging things on a daily basis. But who would have thought that one day, they will face a different battle in the form of bed bugs? This problem has been discovered when a firefighter complained of rashes and was taken to the hospital. To find out more about this news, click here. WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WPRI) – Woonsocket firefighters are facing a different battle: bedbugs. According to Fire Chief Paul Shatraw, the problem was discovered Wednesday when a firefighter complained of a rash and went to the hospital to get checked out. Hospital staff determined the rash was caused by bedbug bites. An inspection of Station Three, located on North Main Street, uncovered “bedbug activity.” The department then immediately contacted a pest control company. All bedding and the contents of firefighter’s lockers, including spare uniforms, were bagged and taken out of the station. Turnout gear is in the process of being cleaned as well. During the cleaning process, all firefighters and firefighting equipment was relocated to a secondary location where the department stores HAZMAT equipment. There has been no disruption in fire response service. The department says the pest control company is scheduled to return within the next few days to follow up and to ensure all bedbugs have been exterminated. The company will perform a total of three checks before declaring the station completely clear. It’s unknown at this time how long the process will take.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bed Bugs Found in Elizabeth City Homeless Shelter

Bed bugs knows no one. Their next target can be your property or that near you- your house, even your belongings. The damage they leave can be a big problem to us. What’s worse about them is that, even when they have been terminated, sometimes, what they leave behind can still be detrimental to health. This is why there is always a need for professional exterminators to check if our properties are infested. In Elizabeth City, even a homeless shelter was not spared from bed bugs infestation. This cause the closure of the building. And this is just one example how bed bugs can be a big hindrance in our lives. Click here for more information. ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. – The Visions of Hope Emergency Outreach Center will be vacated for 30 days after exterminators found a large infestation of bed bugs, according to the Elizabeth City manager. The city owns the building and has an agreement with Vision of Hope to operate a ladies’ homeless shelter at that building, located at 709 Herrington Road. The shelter was closed last Wednesday while city staff did routine maintenance and pest inspections. Shelter residents told city staff that they thought bed bugs were in the building. The shelter manager was contacted immediately and requested on-site. The exterminator identified the bed bugs. In order to get rid of all the bugs, the shelter will need to be vacated for at least 30 days. Staff says it will take about $1,700 to fix the problem. The city addressed a bed bug infestation at the same location almost two years ago in October 2016. The extermination and post-treatment inspection determined all of the bed bugs were gone.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Bed Bugs are even Worse than you Thought

For many people, bed bugs problem is just minor. But when they get to experience how much damage it can do not only on things, but even on the health and environment, they will realize that they should have taken the problem more seriously. One thing is for sure about bed bugs, it worse more than what we thought. This article for instance, is a great example of what more bed bugs infestation can do to people. Basically, they are not just biting while we are sleeping, but so many more things happen behind us. Click on this link to read more. "Bed bugs aren't just content with biting you while you sleep - they also poop waste that is loaded with histamines in your bed, a new study reveals.  Led by entomologists and health experts at North Carolina State University, Histamine as an emergent indoor contaminant states that "histamine is a known food contaminant, mainly of fish and alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine". Histamine is a chemical our bodies push out in a response to allergens, and can trigger itchiness, watery eyes, sneezing, headaches, and asthma attacks.  The researchers found that histamine levels in infested homes were at least 20 times higher than levels in bed bug-free homes.  The study states that "bed bugs had all but disappeared from developed areas of the world by the 1960s, but have resurged globally since the early 2000s". In New Zealand, bed bugs are on the rise in Wellington. "

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Assisted-living Residents Evacuated After Found Alone in Bed Bug-Infested Facility

It’s amazing how bed bugs problem can impede so many things. Not only that they can destroy properties or put the health and lives of people in danger, but they can even stop some operations in companies and organizations. What’s more difficult about them is that even after getting rid of them, they seem to still keep on coming back. This is really the reason why professional bed bug exterminators should be hired. In the article below, assisted living residents has been evacuated after finding bed bugs in the facility. This really is a serious problem that should be giving immediate solution. Click here to read more about this news. DIXMOOR, Ill. --A criminal investigation is underway after a suburban mental health facility was evacuated because residents were living in deplorable conditions. 35 residents were evacuated overnight from Value Care Centers, located at 141st Street and South Leavitt Avenue in Dixmoor, after police discovered the facility was infested with bed bugs and no hot water. Police received a call from a resident in the facility asking for help. Officers arrived and found people lying on beds with no sheets and barely a blanket.  One person was on a mattress in the hallway.  Officers observed bugs on walls. “There were bed bugs, there’s blocked doors, there’s garbage everywhere, there’s clothes everywhere,” said Police chief Ronald Burge. ”The building is just filthy.” The exits had padlocks, locking everyone inside. One side of the building is in total disarray.  There was no hot water. The evacuated residents were taken to hospitals to be checked out. The residents are between 20 and 50 years old. Two searches of the building were performed and more are expected.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

More Nightmare Fuel: Bedbugs Create Cesspool of Poop and Histamine in your Bed

What’s really annoying about bed bugs is not their presence, but the effects they leave even after you have exterminated them. In fact, letting bed bugs poop in your bed can have really bad effects. If you think that how they destroy your property is enough reason for you to exterminate them, wait until you see their poop. Bed bugs poops are actually loaded with histamine, a kind of chemical that the human body pushes out during an inflammatory response to allergens. This chemical can actually trigger itchiness, watery eyes, sneezing, even troubles in breathing, headaches, and many more. And all these is something that you wouldn’t want to experience. This is why it is very important that you have the best bed bugs exterminator near you to do the job. Click here to read more about the article. "It’s official: pooping the bed is not the worst thing you can do. Letting bedbugs do it is worse. As the creepy critters bite you while you slumber, they also squeeze out poops loaded with histamine, a chemical that our own bodies push out during an inflammatory response to allergens. Histamine can trigger itchiness, watery eyes, sneezing, trouble breathing, headaches, and asthma attacks, among other problems. Homes with bedbug infestations can become histamine Dutch ovens, according to a new study led by entomologists and health experts at North Carolina State University. The researchers found that histamine levels in infested homes were at least 20-times higher than levels in bed-bug free homes. And that’s not all. Researchers writing in PLOS ONEalso found that those histamine levels linger. In infested homes that were heat treated—which involves circulating hot air (~50 ̊C) into a home to wipe out the bugs—histamine levels remained high for months afterward."

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Tips For Treating A Bed Bug Infestation

Seeing bed bugs pictures can bring chill to us, especially to those who have had a bad experience with it. It is a known fact that solving bed bug problems can be a bit difficult. There are times when you think you have terminated them, only to find out that they still keep coming back. When this happens, the best thing to do is to gather enough bed bugs information and hire professional exterminators to do the job properly. The article below talks about tips and ways on how to treat bed bugs infestation. By knowing these things, you will not only be spared from suffering the trouble that bed bugs bring, but you can also live a cleaner, safer, and healthier life. You will also be saving the people around you and help them live better. Click here to read more. Bed bugs are a common issue, especially in cities, and getting rid of them can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. The Onion presents tips for treating a bed bug infestation. Come to terms with the fact that your body is but a warm, meaty trough. Open your window and shout, “Somebody, please, help me!” Wear thick, long-sleeved pajamas to bed so that the bugs are nice and warm. Try luring the bed bugs away by placing a trail of furniture leading out of your apartment. Use reverse psychology on the bed bugs by sleeping in your bed anyway and constantly talking out loud about how comfortable you are. Get a mattress-sized plastic bag with airtight sealing; sleep in it from now on.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Even After You Get Rid of Bed Bugs, Chemicals in their Waste Lingers for Months

If you think that your problem with bed bugs end when you don’t see them anymore, then think again. What’s more annoying than having bed bugs signs is that the chemicals in their waste could still linger for months. This means another problem as it can put people’s health in danger. Bed bugs produce histamines as their way of signaling to the others for mating or as their warning purpose. They basically excrete waste in the folds of fabric that we see at home. Yes, this is really something that we all don’t want to see. With this, it is important that when getting rid of bed bugs home, the process should be done by professional bugs exterminator near me. This is because they have the expertise, experience, and the right tools. Click here to read the rest of the article. "After bed bugs are eradicated from an infestation, they leave behind a potentially unhealthy souvenir that lingers in the air for months afterward. New research from North Carolina State University shows homes that have been treated for bed-bug infestations have levels of histamines, the chemicals responsible for allergies and other immune reactions, up to 20 times higher than homes that had never been infested. Although bed bugs can be successfully eradicated through heat treatments, these histamines can remain in household dust for as long as three months after the insects are gone. The new study, published Feb. 12 in the journal PLOS One, suggests that exterminators need to develop a treatment for bedbug infestation that involves a deep cleaning to rid the home of these extra chemicals. Bedbugs produce histamines as a way of signaling to one another for mating or warning purposes. They excrete them as waste in the folds of fabric where they make their homes."

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

‘I Ended Up Getting Bed Bugs Instead Of My Book,’:Woman Says Bugs Came From Library

The main reason why we go to libraries is definitely for the books. It’s either you want to study in there or borrow some books as your reference. The library is a great place for students, professionals, or just anyone who need books in their lives. Also, it is a place where may of us find relief as it’s quite and comfortable. But what would you feel when after going to a library, you find out that you’ve brought something from there into your house? This is what happened to a Greensboro woman after visiting a library. The incident was terrifying enough for her when she saw bed bugs from the books crawling in her house. Instead, it is an undesirable experience for anyone who encounters bed bugs in their lives. This is why there is always a call for bed bugs exterminators to solve this problem. Click on to read the full article. GREENSBORO, N.C. -- When you go to the library, you probably come home with books, but one Greensboro woman says she went to the library... and came home with bed bugs in her books. "I'm terrified they're just crawling in my house right now, said Chassidy Simmons who lives in Guilford County. Simmons says bed bugs came into her house from her library books. "It bit my face, and I jumped up and went into the bathroom. I come back, i look up and I see it run back into the book," said Simmons. Along with several bites, she's throwing a lot of her stuff away. "My closet, which has my stuff in it now -- but I had to rip my carpet out of that... I've taken the pictures off my wall, I've ripped the backs off my pictures," said Simmons. "I mean, I don't have a nice house by far, but I've bought everything I have and it costs money," said SImmons. We spoke with the City Of Greensboro, and they say when you're dealing with people from all walks of life -- these things can happen.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Buffalo Teachers File Grievance Over Bed Bugs

The school is a place where we learn some of the most important things in life. Thus, it is supposed to be conducive for learning while being a safe and clean environment for everyone. But, some problems may arise that would require attention as it may endanger or bother other people. Just like a case in Buffalo where teachers have had enough of bed bugs. They believe that in order to put an end to the problem, monitoring should be in place. The problem should also be addressed at the soonest time possible to ensure that everyone at school need not to worry about the same problem again. You can click here to read more details about the article. "BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - Teachers at one Buffalo school, say they're fed up with the bed bugs. They're so upset, they've filed a grievance with the district over how the district has approached the issue at School 37. “What we're looking for, right now, is that they go in there, put in some kind of monitoring and really ensure that the students and the staff don't have to worry about bed bugs,” said Buffalo Teachers Federation President Philip Rumore. At School 37, two bed bugs have been found. "The teachers are concerned, not only about themselves but the calls I've gotten, they're concerned about their students,” said Rumore. The district sent a letter to parents about the bugs. Exterminators have also visited the school. In emails sent from the district, it's believed the bugs were fully grown and brought into the school."

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Lake Family Battles Bed Bug Infestation and an Absent Landlord

As much as we want to have our own house, sometimes we just have to rent. Of course, this comes with all the good as well as the bad. Living in a house that is not actually “yours”, especially when a few other people have lived in it in the past, or when it was not really well maintained may bring about problems. In a house, one of the most important things that should be dealt with is safety and cleanliness. But one thing that can hinder us from achieving this are pest problems such as bed bugs on bed. In fact, this is a common problem encountered in every household. When it comes to getting rid of them, you need to deal with the cause of the problem first. However, you may ask yourself “how do I know if I have bed bugs”. Answering this question and seeking help from professional exterminators will be of great help. This article talks about how a family battled bed bug infestation. Click on to read more. "CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The disturbing sight of bed bugs scurrying across her mattress one January day prompts Juanita Lake to immediately set off bug bombs in every room of her rented house. The next day, she is chagrined to find still more bugs crawling up walls. Then, panic sets in when she discovers a bite on the chest of her 7-year-old-daughter, Yvonne. "How did this happen?" she asks, sobbing into the phone as she recounts the situation for a reporter. "Am I a bad mom?" Dealing with a bed-bug infestation often requires the use of a professional exterminator. But Juanita, a single parents raising her daughter on $1,000 a month in disability benefits, could barely afford the $100 for bug bombs.   To make matters worse, Juanita already is clashing with her landlord over other problems - a furnace that stops working nearly every night, and a hot-water heater that is slow to produce even warm water. A rent increase at their apartment in suburban Garfield Heights forced Juanita and Yvonne to move to this more affordable single-family home in Cleveland's Union-Miles neighborhood."

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Exterminator! Bedbug Infestations in US Cities are on the Rise

It’s no surprise that more and more homes are getting infested with bed bugs. In fact, it has become a major problem in many countries like the United States. This is why it is very important to identify bed bug causes in order to prevent the problem or get rid of it as soon as possible. In the US, the number of cities getting infested with bed bugs is increasing each year. And this rise calls for the services of the experts in terms of bed bugs extermination. When dealing with this problem, it is really important to let the experts handle it. Just be sure to find the right people from the right company to do the job. Doing so will give you the guarantee that you won’t be bothered by bed bugs anymore. Click on the article to know more about this news. "Data analyzed by pest-control company Orkin shows an increasing number of bedbug infestations in American cities, and researchers seem to agree. The data spans December 2016 to November 2017 and the findings, Bloomberg reports, are fueling a growing extermination industry worth over $611 million last year, though the industry is estimated to reach a $1 billion valuation in five years. For hotels, the average of cost of an infestation is upwards of $23,000 — the figure accounts for lost revenue and legal costs as people tend to get litigious after spending a night or two with the bloodthirsty insects. Why is this happening? After the Second World War, humanity, though devastated itself, seems to have checked the spread of bedbugs, according to researchers. But globalization, restricted use of insecticides and bedbugs tolerance to the successors of chemicals like DDT have made modern bedbugs into resourceful, rugged survivors. Other countries are having a tough go of it too, but in most places humans aren’t winning the struggle to drive the insects out of buildings."

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Global Bed Bug Epidemic: How to Check for Blood-Sucking Bugs in your Home

Just when you thought that everything is perfect at homes, there comes bed bugs in mattress. No one likes it. In fact, homeowners consider this as a problem which means that they have to hire a bed bugs exterminator to get rid of it. For sure, we all just want to have a clean and safe home and this can only be achieved when bed bugs are eliminated. This is why it is important to identify the symptoms and implement measures to get rid of it and prevent it from coming back. Click on the article below to find out how to check for blood-sucking bed bugs in your home and make sure that your abode remains safe for your family.   "BED BUG bites can cause itchy red bumps on the skin, or fluid-filled blisters. This is how to avoid being bitten by the blood-sucking critters. The number of bed bug infestations across the world is continuing to rise, researchers have warned. They travel from place to place with ease, latching onto clothes, luggage and other belongings. Homes, hotels, hospitals and public transport could all harbour the blood-sucking insects, as they live in cracks and crevices in, and around, beds. They crawl out at night, and bite exposed skin to feed on blood, according to the NHS. “They continue to invade our homes and businesses on a regular basis because they are not seasonal pests, and only need blood to survive,” said Dr Tim Husen, an entomologist for pest control business Orkin. “Any type of home is prone to bud begs. It has nothing to do with sanitation. “We have treated for bed bugs everywhere, from newly built upscale homes to public housing.” Bed bug numbers can increase rapidly, as one female could lay up to five eggs in one day."

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Monday, January 8, 2018

U.S. Cities With the Worst Bed Bug Infestations

Safety is an important topic that concerns everyone. In a neighborhood for instance, it is the responsibility of the leaders and the government to make sure that their people gets the best of everything. This includes caring for their health and wellness. In this case, bed bugs infestation is a serious problem that needs attention. The problem does not start and end in bed bugs in bed but identifying the places infested with it is an effective way to deal with the problem. Baltimore for instance, has been listed this year as no. 1 on Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list. However, this is not in one city alone but the infestation is also prevalent in other places. This is why it’s important to hire professionals to get rid of the problem. Read the article to find out more about this news.   "Baltimore is known for its historic neighborhoods, monuments, crab cakes — and, increasingly, its bed bugs. For the second straight year, the U.S. port city ranked No. 1 on a Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list compiled by Atlanta-based pest control services company Orkin LLC. The list, released Monday, is based on the most residential and commercial treatments for the seed-sized bloodsuckers from December 2016 to November 2017, and reflects a rising number of infestations across the U.S., according to Tim Husen, an Orkin entomologist. Washington, 40 miles from Baltimore, was ranked second on Orkin’s list, followed by Chicago, Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio. The Baltimore City Health Department doesn’t have any bed bug mitigation programs, according to its website, which gives tips on identifying and controlling the ancient critters."

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