Monday, January 8, 2018

U.S. Cities With the Worst Bed Bug Infestations

Safety is an important topic that concerns everyone. In a neighborhood for instance, it is the responsibility of the leaders and the government to make sure that their people gets the best of everything. This includes caring for their health and wellness. In this case, bed bugs infestation is a serious problem that needs attention. The problem does not start and end in bed bugs in bed but identifying the places infested with it is an effective way to deal with the problem. Baltimore for instance, has been listed this year as no. 1 on Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list. However, this is not in one city alone but the infestation is also prevalent in other places. This is why it’s important to hire professionals to get rid of the problem. Read the article to find out more about this news.   "Baltimore is known for its historic neighborhoods, monuments, crab cakes — and, increasingly, its bed bugs. For the second straight year, the U.S. port city ranked No. 1 on a Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list compiled by Atlanta-based pest control services company Orkin LLC. The list, released Monday, is based on the most residential and commercial treatments for the seed-sized bloodsuckers from December 2016 to November 2017, and reflects a rising number of infestations across the U.S., according to Tim Husen, an Orkin entomologist. Washington, 40 miles from Baltimore, was ranked second on Orkin’s list, followed by Chicago, Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio. The Baltimore City Health Department doesn’t have any bed bug mitigation programs, according to its website, which gives tips on identifying and controlling the ancient critters."

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