Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Bed Bugs Damage Library Books

There are some things we consider minor only to find out in the end that it’s that “small’ thing that can actually cause more damage. Take the case of getting rid of bed bugs as an example. Not all of us would consider bed bugs as a major problem. But when they start damaging properties or causing trouble in our places, we begin to realize that we could have actually prevented such thing from happening if we just made the right decisions. But in getting rid of them, we often think that bed bugs spray is enough. More often than not, the problem will still likely persist. The best thing to do is to hire experts to get rid of this problem. The article below is an example of how bed bugs can be of great damage to property and this is why professionals are needed in solving this kind of problem. Read on to know how much damage was caused by bed bugs.   OKLAHOMA CITY —Two cases of bed bugs have been discovered in the last six months at a metro library. Managers at the Metropolitan Library System said bed bugs have appeared inside some of the books at their branch in The Village. The two discoveries in the past six months is above average for the library, and officials are investigating to make sure the bugs don’t show up again.“A lot of times, we find bed bugs or maybe fecal matter of a bed bug,” said Kim Terry, with the Metropolitan Library System. She said the library system has to deal with bed bug problems from time to time. “Any public institution, any public place has probably experienced this at one point,” Terry said. Bed bugs are something Terry said they take seriously. “We’re trying to investigate how two have come in,” she said. “Is it a particular family? Is it a person?” Officials will check every book that is returned to make sure it’s clean before returning it to the shelf. If they find any type of bugs, they will send it to their maintenance facility to be “cooked” in special boxes.

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