Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bed Bugs Found in NYC School

It’s unfortunate when bed bugs ruin us in so many ways. What’s worse is when it leaves damages to us without us immediately realizing it. Just like the article below, bed bugs traps seemed not enough as there were some found in their backpacks. The infestation has affected students and their parents. In this kind of situation, one will not only get bed bugs rash but will even affect their health. This is why pest management should be implemented in schools to make sure that a clean and safe learning environment is provided to all students. Click the article below to find out more how the problem happened and the ways to eradicate them and prevent them from coming back.  

Students at one Queens school could be bringing home more than assignments, binders and textbooks -- bed bugs may also be stowed away in their backpacks.

The City Department of Education said in a statement Thursday that John Adams High School in Ozone Park is set to be fumigated during the winter break after the blood-sucking critters were discovered. 

“We're committed to providing all students with a safe and clean learning environment,” the department said in a statement.

Parents said they found out about the infestation on Tuesday, when students were sent home with letters from the school. It’s not clear how widespread or serious the bed bug infestation at the school is, but students told News 4 that they had heard about the parasitic critters for a week before they were sent home with letters.

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